August 20, 2019 1 min read

This Currently Inked template will help you record which fountain pen inks you have in which pens. You can colour in the fountain pen nib to create a swatch to go along with your writing which will help to show the characteristics of the ink.

Currently Ink Template for Fountain Pen Ink

Each template is laid out with trim marks to help you cut it to the appropriate size. Once cut down each template is slightly smaller than the page size allowing you to paste or slide it into your notebook


Download the size that best suits your notebook.

Make sure the actual size, not fit to size, setting is selected or set the scaling to 100%.

We recommend setting your printer to High or Best quality to achieve a nice print. 

Each document will have trim marks to help you cut it to the correct size.



Currently Inked: Traveler's Regular Size

Currently Inked: A5 Size