June 07, 2018 2 min read

For a lot of people the most exciting part of using a fountain pen is the ability to pick from hundreds of different colours of ink. Inks are being produced all around the world by pen manufacturers and bespoke ink makers and we stock a wide variety.

This guide to fountain pens will step you through the process of filling a fountain pen from a bottle of ink using an ink converter. The fountain pen we are using to demonstrate this is the Platinum 3776 Century, which takes a piston style ink converter. If you would like to become more familiar with the different parts of a fountain pen check out our guide to the basic anatomy of fountain pen.

Please note some pens will differ in how they are filled, but this is one of the most common setups you will find.

Step One -

Unscrew the cap and then unscrew the barrel of the pen. Your pen may already have the ink converter attached. If not attach it to the pen now.


Step Two -

If your pen is using a piston style ink converter like we are here, the back end of the converter will wind the plunger up and down. Wind the plunger all the way down until it reaches the bottom and submerge the entire nib and feed in the ink bottle.


Step Three - 

As you begin to wind the plunger back up, your pen will draw ink inside from the bottle. If your pen is fitted with a squeeze converter or push button converter  follow the same steps and simply squeeze the converter or push the button to draw ink inside. If you are left with an air pocket and the converter is not full wind the plunger back down and back up slowly until you get a full fill.


Step Four - 

To avoid getting ink on your fingers, take a paper towel or soft cloth and wipe up any ink that may have gotten on the grip section of your pen.


Step Five - 

Reattach the pen body and you are ready to write. The great thing about filling your pen through the nib is it will be ready to write straight away as ink has already saturated the whole pen.



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