May 18, 2018 1 min read

Wax seals are the perfect way to finish off a carefully crafted letter, thank you note, invitation or to add something special to your gift wrapping.

Before starting, make sure the brass stamp is clean and free from fingerprints and dust.

We recommend using the Stamptitude Wax Melting Kit and following the steps below to create consistent, stunning wax seals and to avoid charring the wax. Alternatively, if you have a large amount of seals to create, you can use Wax Gun Stickswith a 1/2 inch glue gun for quicker results. We also recommend first practicing on some spare card to ensure you get a feel for the process.

Step One:

Light your candle and take one stick of wax and the melting spoon. 

Step Two:

Place the end of the wax stick in the spoon and use the candle to heat the spoon, which in turn will melt the wax.

Step Three:

Once you have the spoon almost full of melted wax slowly pour the wax onto onto your letter where you would like it sealed. One trick is to trace the outside of stamp head with pencil before starting, once you fill the circle you know you have enough wax.

Step Four:

Press the stamp into the wax and leave it for 10 to 15 seconds.

Step Five:

Once the wax has cooled you can remove the seal. If you find the seal is sticking, the wax has not yet dried and needs a little longer to cool before you can remove the seal.

All finished!

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