April 20, 2018 1 min read

The Traveler's notebook cover is made from vegetable tanned cowhide leather. This type of leather has a soft natural feel and as such may come with some light scratches. Over time it will pick up more adding to the character and rustic feel of your notebook.

They are available dyed one of four colours; black, brown, camel or blue. The Traveler's notebook has been designed to not need any leather maintenance, but if you would like to protect it from scratches and give it a polished look please follow the steps below.


When first opening your Traveler's notebook you may find a white powder on the leather cover, this is simply the remainder of oil used to make the cover soft, it will soak in and disappear with time, or you can take a cloth and wipe over the cover to speed up the process.


Using a cloth or sponge apply a small amount of clear leather balsam and gently apply it to the cover in a consistent motion. You may wish to test it on a small patch on the back of your notebook and leave overnight to be sure you are happy with the end result before applying the conditioner to the whole cover.


The leather will darken and take on a deeper more polished look like above. As it dries the colour will lighten slightly.

The finished result after applying leather balsam. Enjoy taking the Traveler's notebook on all your adventures.

You can find our Standard Bindery Leather Balsam here.