June 04, 2018 2 min read

Paper and notebooks come in an array of different sizes and are made with many different papers. This can make finding your perfect notebook a little tricky, so this guide will help shed some light on what's available, so you can narrow down the perfect size for you.

The majority of paper and notebooks are manufactured in either the A Series of sizes or B Series of sizes. With the most common in Australia being the A Series.

In the A Series paper is made and then first cut to the biggest size A0 measuring 841mm x 1089mm. From this size sheet we can cut the paper in half to get A1 size, in half again for A2 and so on until we reach the smallest size of A10.

The most common sizes used for notebooks and writing paper are:

- A4 - 210mm x 297mm (the common size for copy paper)

- A5 - 148.5mm x 210mm

- A6 - 105mm x 148.5mm

The B Series of sizes work in the same way but are a little bigger than the equivalent A Series size. The most common B Series sizes for notebooks and writing papers are:

- B5 - 176mm x 250mm

- B6 - 125mm x 176mm

We carry a range of notebooks in specialty sizes like the Traveler's notebook and Field Notes Brand pocket notebooks.

The Traveler's notebook refills come in two sizes:

- Regular - 110mm x 210mm

- Passport - 90mm x 123mm

The standard Field Notes Brand pocket notebooks measure:

- Pocket - 90mm x 140mm

Most notebooks in our store fall into one of the above sizes. A good rule to follow is to stick to A4 and B5 sizes for big projects where the book will usually stay on your desk, and when you need plenty of room for writing and sketching.

For a good all around size (and the most popular) try the A5 size like the standard Leuchtturm1917 notebook or bullet journal. It gives you plenty of room to write and is not too bulky to carry with you in your bag or to meetings.

If portability is high on your notebook criteria list then try the A6Field Notes pocket size or Traveler's passport size.

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