September 15, 2018 2 min read

With so many different styles available it can be tricky to find the perfect pen for you. This guide will take a look at the difference between two very similar, but different pen types - the rollerball and the ballpoint.

Both pens have similar designs with the main difference being the ink used inside the refill.

Rollerball -

The rollerball pen has a liquid based ink and as a result writes smoother and requires you to use less pressure when writing. With a rollerball pen you get a strong dark line of ink. As a result rollerball ink will often take slightly longer to dry and when using a lightweight paper you will be able to see your writing on the reverse side of the page more than you would with a ballpoint.

A rollerball pen will often give you a more satisfying and luxurious writing experience but will generally require the pen to have a cap that must be removed prior to writing. This is because the ink will dry out if left uncapped for a period of time.

Ballpoint -

A ballpoint pen will have a oil based ink. The benefit of this type of refill is that it won't easily dry out and will last longer. This often results in a lighter line and a drier feel when writing.

A ballpoint pen will usually have a twist or push button mechanism to extend and retract the writing point. This makes it much quicker to get writing and more convenient when note taking. 


Rollerball advantages

Ballpoint advantages

Vivid ink colours

Smooth feel

Requires less pressure


Lasts Longer

Less "show through" on light papers

No cap required so it's quick to get writing