July 26, 2018 3 min read

Travel is always a great reason to journal. Taking the time to write down your adventures, things you've noticed and different experiences you have had when travelling can create a priceless book of memories.

When it comes to writing these down not all pens are equal. So we wanted to take a look at five different pens to consider for your next trip.


The Space Pen - 

Originally designed to withstand the harsh conditions aboard the Apollo space missions, the Fisher Space Pen is as durable as they come. These pens will write in extreme temperatures, underwater and the most useful travel feature is they will write upside down. So if you are rugged up in bed recounting all the day's adventures you can be sure the Fisher Space Pen will be able to handle the job.

Fisher Space Pens come in different designs but the bullet shape is our number one recommendation. It's made from durable brass and is available in different finishes. It's ideal because it's compact when closed but by taking off the cap and putting it onto the back of the pen it will create a long, comfortable pen for writing.

You can add a clip to the Fisher Space Pen so you can attach it to your pocket or it will fit snugly in the 016 Traveler's notebook pen holder.


Traveler's Company Brass Fountain Pen -

If you prefer writing with a fountain pen, it's hard to look past the durable brass fountain pen from Traveler's Company. Traveler's Company have been producing the best (in our opinion) travel journal since 2006 and the pens are of equally high quality.

Made in Japan, the brass fountain pen is similar in design to the Fisher Space Pen in that it is small when closed and once you remove the cap and place it onto the back of the pen it becomes a long, well weighted writing instrument. It has a ring at the top for attaching to a lanyard or to your bag and has a solid, removable clip. This fountain pen takes pre-filled ink cartridges which are small and practical for travelling.

Because it's made from solid brass it will age and darken with use until it takes on a vintage look.


Brass Travel Ballpoint Pen

Traveler's Company Brass Ballpoint Pen -

Similar to the fountain pen, the Traveler's Company Brass Ballpoint Pen has the same bullet design making it compact for travel. The ballpoint pen is lighter than the fountain pen and has an extra fine writing point. It's fine line makes it ideal for filling out customs forms as well as fitting as much writing onto a page as possible so you can use less paper.

This pen is a great match for the smaller passport sized Traveler's notebook. It has that same ring for attaching to a lanyard or you can tie it to your backpack so it's always within easy reach. 


Diamond Mini Fountain Pen - 

If you prefer to use fountain pens and bottled ink this could be the perfect pen for your next adventure. The TWSBI Diamond Mini is a smaller version of the popular Diamond 580 and fills from bottled ink via the built in piston mechanism. It holds a good amount of ink and the cap screws onto the back to create a full size pen and make sure you don't lose the cap.

One of the best travel features of this fountain pen is it is compatible with the Diamond 50 ink bottle. This ink bottle is made from thick glass and has an anodised metal cap making it much sturdier than most bottles of ink. The Diamond series fountain pens allow you to remove the nib section and attach the pen barrel directly to the ink bottle for mess free filling. It's a great feature for the travelling fountain pen fan.

TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen

 Vac Mini Fountain Pen - 

The TWSBI VAC Mini is similar in design to the Diamond Mini fountain pen but it has a different filling mechanism that works via a vacuum. Simply unscrew and pull up the metal rod, dip your pen into the ink bottle and push the rod back down.

This filling mechanism is helpful when travelling because it when the back end is fully tightened it shuts off the chamber to stop ink from travelling into the feed. This is great for combating leaks when your on the plane or when travelling around, just remember to unscrew the back section about 1mm before writing.