July 17, 2019 3 min read

In June of 2019 we headed to Tokyo Japan to take part in the visit the Traveler's Company Global Gathering, an event where we could get a deeper understanding of the company and gain ideas to bring back to Australia. We took the chance to visit a bunch of iconic Japanese stationery stores as well as mixing our own fountain pen ink in a action packed week.

During this trip we spent 8 days exploring Tokyo and the surrounding area, visiting heaps of stationery and art stores as well as visiting some amazing museums.

Our top recommended stationery stores to visit if you're visiting Tokyo are as follows:

Traveler's Factory customised notebook display

Traveler's Factory - 

Tokyo is home to three different Traveler's Factory stores. The original and main Traveler's Factory is located in Nakameguro which is a short train ride from the city centre. It's a little tricky to find but well worth searching out. It's here you'll find all the latest items. Tokyo Station and Narita Airport also have smaller Traveler's Factory stores with exclusives items and heaps of stamps for you to try.



Ink Stand Fountain Pen Ink Mixing Room

Ink Stand - 

Ink Stand in Kuramae is a must do experience for anyone who loves writing and fountain pens. Here you get 45 minutes to sit and mix your own ink colours that they will then use to create a whole bottles worth for you. Make sure to book in advance (you can email them to book a seat and time). The ink is pigmented so you can use it with a dip pen or a fountain pen as long as you are careful to wash it out if you aren't going to use it for a while. The whole experience is a lot of fun and this was a real highlight of our trip to Tokyo.


 Choosing paper at Kakimori Stationery Store

Kakimori -

Kakimori is the sister store of Ink Stand and is located just a short stroll away. Here you get to pick different papers and cards along with covers and binding style that the talented staff will use to create a unique book just for you. We recommend heading here while you are waiting for the Ink Stand team to mix up your ink (about an hour wait). They also have a great selection of beautiful pens and ink.


Itoya Stationery Store Ginza wall of paper

Itoya - 

Itoya is located in Ginza and is a 12 story stationery mega store. Here you will find a huge selection from cards, washi tape and craft supplies through to the most luxurious fountain pens and ink you will find anywhere in the world. The selection is enormous and has something for everybody.

On one level you find all the supplies you need to write and send letters. You can even purchase stamps and send letters while you are there. Another level is home to a entire wall of different papers. You can choose a stock and colour and have the staff cut it down to your preferred size. Perfect for your latest project.


Sekaidō - 

Sekaidō is located in Shinjuku and is paradise for the artist. Spread over 5 levels it has a huge selection of art supplies from brush pens, brushes, acrylics, oil paints, canvases, pens & pencils. The list goes on and on. This art store is located near the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden which another must visit destination in Tokyo. The stunning gardens are perfected for practising some landscape painting with your new art supplies.