December 10, 2019 1 min read

The world travelling Stamp Caravan arrived at Standard Bindery for a week on the 28th of November. To celebrate we held a TRAVELER'S notebook special event on December 1st at the store.

To go along with the 10 stamp designs we had a number of giveaways, retro notebook weighing station, tester products, watercolour demonstrations, and unique metallic foiled stamping design to create special edition books for the day. The limited edition Travel Tools series was also available marking the first time a special edition like this has been available in Australia.

Over the course of a few hours we chatted all things journaling, stamped our books and made a 26 high stack of TRAVELER'S notebooks. We also wrote messages of support inside a notebook to send back to the passionate team behind the TRAVELER'S notebook in Tokyo.

watercolour in a traveler's notebook

Traveler's Notebook Stack at Standard Bindery

Stack of Traveler's Notebook Journals at Standard Bindery

Foiling Notebook Inserts at Standard Bindery

Traveler's Company Stamp Caravan in Australia