October 14, 2019 1 min read

September 8th was the first in a new series of workshops held at the Standard Bindery store in Brisbane. Over the course of 2 hours award winning artist and teacher Carol Lee Beckx guided the class to create a series of different watercolour pieces inside a watercolour notebook.

First Carol introduced the class to the fundamentals of colour and how you can create an array of different shades by blending and mixing watercolour paints followed by tips on different tools that are available and a showcase of what she uses when travelling.


Watercolour Class at Standard Bindery

The class focused on rough sketching and the building the basic understanding to freely capture different things they see on their adventures. The class practiced sketching with pencil and pen followed by painting different objects such as potted plants, a vintage typewriter and different shop decorations using the provided supplies in a TRAVELER'S notebook watercolour refill to keep.

You can learn more about Carol and see her work by following the link to her website - https://www.carolleebeckx.com/


 Watercolour workshop