Standard Bindery Story

I grew up climbing amongst pallets of paper in the family bookbinding business and from a young age I spent many holidays and weekends hanging out in the factory. Dad would roll up paper and tape into a ball and I'd kick it around imagining I was scoring goals at the World Cup. After school I went on to complete my apprenticeship in bookbinding despite his insistance the future for a bookbinder may not be bright. He was right, as the years went by and other businesses closed down and work slowed up I knew I would have to re-evaluate.

At the end of 2012, I set off on a 6 week trip throughout Europe. During my visit to Venice I came across a small store selling handmade books and it was there that inspiration struck. They were excited to hear that I was also a bookbinder and handed me a postcard to take with me and my new notebook purchase. That shopping experience would go a long way to establishing the Bookbinders store.

At age 23 and with just a thousand dollars I setup a website and rented a 3x3m corner in the old factory. It was there in 2013 that the Bookbinders online store came to life, stocking quality products from around the world alongside some of my own creations.

The goal was simple, to create a store dedicated to the analogue, in particular, the written word.

In our increasingly digital world there remains a special feeling, of clarity and permanence about putting pen to paper. Whether it be taking notes, capturing that moment in your travels or just letting your mind wander, it's an experience that can't be replicated.

Five years down the track our focus remains on finding you quality products you can depend on throughout your adventures and products that will excite and spark your creative side.

In February 2017 we opened our first physical store at Shop 3, Mitcham House, 1355 Gympie Road, Aspley, Brisbane, Queensland giving you the option to shop online or in store.

We are committed to putting customers first by using the latest in e-commerce technology, great service, fast delivery and quality products.

Thank you for visiting Standard Bindery Workshop & Store.

- Michael