2020 Vertical Diary (2 Books) - Regular

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  • This is 2020 Vertical Dated Diary set for the TRAVELER’S notebook. The set contains two books each covering 6 months of the year. The Vertical Diary is useful for keeping track of schedules on a timely basis. A diary guide and sticker set is included.

    The Vertical Diary is ideal for scheduling and planning your day. Each two page spread covers a week and has times from 8am - 10pm (in 24 hour format) listed vertically so you can schedule in appointments, or where you need to be at a certain time.

    Along the top is a box for each day of the week. You also have a blank column on the right hand side of the spread and room at the bottom for extra notes. It also includes a list for highlighting important dates over the next 6 months at the front.

    MD paper is Traveler's original paper, made in Japan. MD Paper goes through rigorous testing and is produced to be of the highest quality. It's smooth so your pen or pencil glides across the paper and is resistant to both feathering and show through so is great for use with fountain pens, pencils and markers.

  • Learn how to setup your Traveler's notebook to hold multiple refills and learn more about paper with these guides.

  • Brand Traveler's Company Japan
    Type Regular size refill
    Paper Colour Ivory
    Size 210mm x 110mm
    Thickness 4mm
    Format Vertical Dated Diary x 2 books
    Pages 68
    Paper Weight 90gsm