Grey Ray

2cm+ 2B Graphite Saving Pencils - Long (pack of 12)

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  • Eco Friendly

    The 2cm+ is a graphite pencil by Grey Ray where the graphite stops 2 cm's from the end of the pencil, because sometimes less is more.

    Most pencils become unusable when they get down to just 2 cm's long which creates a lot of wasted graphite. In these pencils graphite stops 2 cm's from the end to minimize waste.

    Each pack contains 12 full length (17.6cm) 2B graphite pencils

    Add a set of EE+Defender pencil caps from Grey Ray to protect your lead.

  • Grey Ray is an Award Winning Thai stationery company founded in 2011. Grey Ray is focused on creative products that improve usability and are made with environmentally friendly design and materials.

  • LEAD: 2B Graphite 
    QUANTITY: 12