Apache Sunset Fountain Pen Ink 89ml (3oz)

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  • Apache Sunset is a Noodler's classic. This orange/yellow ink flows well and shades nicely, especially in broader nibs.

    Apache Sunset comes in a large glass bottle with 3 oz of ink (approximately 90ml). Apache Sunset doesn't have any of Noodler's special properties but is a great low maintenance ink.

    Noodler's ink is known worldwide for it's special qualities and unique formulas. Founder Nathan handcrafts all Noodler's ink and is always striving to push the boundaries beyond that of typical fountain pen ink to deliver the best value ink possible.

    We recommend Noodler's ink be used by experienced fountain pen users. Different inks may have some or all of the following properties.

    Water Resistant: Partially or fully resistant when page is wet after ink has dried.

    Forgery Resistant: Resistant to alcohol and solvents making it ideal for security documents.

    Eternal: Archival quality, resistant to fading over time.

    Bulletproof: Resistant to U.V light and bleach.

  • Filling from a bottle


  • Brand Noodlers
    Type Bottled fountain pen ink
    Colour Orange
    Volume 90ml
    Bottle Material Glass
    Ink Type Dye based
    Features No special properties