Techo 2020 A6 Planner + Cover - Pineapple

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  • The Colors series is a regular in the Hobonichi cover lineup, and provides a variety of solid colours. It comes in the basic style with pen holders that keep the cover shut. They’ve implemented many improvements over the years in response to customer input, making this one of the most user-friendly options.

    This Cover is Yellow & Green.

    High-quality polyester construction gives this cover its sturdy feel and subtle shine — it’s durable enough to last a long time, but light enough to carry with you everywhere.

    The pen holders act as a hinge that keeps the cover safely shut when storing a pen in both of the holders. The cover contains two bookmarks, one with a rectangle charm and one with a triangle charm, so you can keep your place in two parts of the book, such as the monthly calendar and the daily page.

    Select shop Arts&Science owner Sonya Park directed the creation of this English-language Hobonichi Techo book, which has been refined and simplified to make it easy to use in all countries and languages. It still contains all the beloved features of the Original Japanese edition, such as the compact A6 size, one page devoted to each day, daily quotes, lay-flat binding, and more.

    The graph paper in the English version is slightly enlarged to 4 mm to allow users to write comfortably in any language. Timelines are simplified to a single 12 to denote noon so users can completely customize it to their own schedule (or ignore it completely), and each day is also labeled with the number of the consecutive week that year, from 1 to 52.

    Features such as a list of international holidays and international size charts cater to the worldwide community that comes together through this book. In addition, the 2020 edition includes informational pages in the back of the book about historical Japanese household items, an ancient system called the Earthly Branches, and an introduction to traditional sweets from around the world.

    The book has a chic, black textured cover subtly engraved with the Japanese characters for “techo” alongside the Arts&Science logo.

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  • The Hobonichi Teco A6 Planner contains the following:

    Yearly Section -

    Yearly Calendar:

    Each 2-page spread contains 4 months, with a total of 12 months in the yearly index. The top of each monthly column includes 4 lines of space for note-taking.

    Yearly Index

    The yearly index spans the following dates: January-start: December 2019 - March 2021 April-start: February 2020 - May 2021

    Monthly Section -

    Monthly Calendar: 

    The graph paper design is lightly printed to make it easier to write in your plans and take notes in an even line. The calendar is printed in charcoal gray and a striking red for a refreshing design.

    Monthly Data:

    Each header includes the year, numerical month, and the English name of the month.

    Daily Boxes:

    Each box is lightly printed with a graph design to make it easy to fill in a full day’s worth of plans. You can also take full advantage of the graph design by drawing out sections to allocate plans or entries visually.

    Week Number:

    The monthly calendars include the number of the week. The formula we use begins counting with the first week in January that includes a Thursday.

    Free space:

    The calendars include free space below and to the left for taking notes, making plans or decorating the calendars with stickers and washi tape.

    Daily Section -

    One day per page: 

    The planner features a format with a page devoted to each day. There’s lots of open space to plan the day ahead and enjoy recording your memories and activities. Think of the pages as containers for random ideas, with a clear record of the date. Paste magazine clippings, ticket stubs and photos to make the techo something completely unique – your imagination is the only limit.

    4mm graph:

    The graph-paper design has been slightly enlarged from the Japanese version to 4 millimeters to facilitate easy writing in any language.

    Week Number:

    The daily pages include the number of the week. The formula we use begins with the first week in January that includes a Thursday.

    Moon phase and day of the year:

    An illustration of the current moon phase is paired with the day of the year. The new moon (●) and full moon (○) symbols are surrounded by stars at their peak. (While the moon phase is the same across the world, the exact dates the moon phases land on are listed in Japan time.)

    The daily pages also have 12:00 noted to create a timeline, dinner icon for recording meals, a daily quote, 2 colour tab, mini calendar and Sundays highlighted in red.

    Informational Pages -

    The Hobonichi Techo also comes with a series of informational pages including: dot grid pages for memo's, important contacts pages, International size charts, conversion tables, country dialing codes, national holidays, personal notes and information on traditional Japanese household items, sweets and zodiac signs.

  • Brand Hobonichi
    Type 2020 dated diary + Cover
    Colour Yellow & Green Cover
    Book Size 148mm x 105mm
    Book Thickness 14mm
    Book Weight 200grams
    Cover Type Polyester
    Format Daily, monthly and yearly planner and notebook
    Pages 448
    Paper Weight 52gsm
    Bookmarks Two
    Extra Information
    Important Contacts / International Size Charts / Conversion Table /Highlights of the Calendar Year in Japan / Traditional Japanese Household Items / Junishi: The Japanese Zodiac / A World of Traditional Sweets / International Country Codes / Dialling Codes / National Holidays / Personal Notes