Fisher Space Pens

Infinium Space Pen - Black Titanium Nitride

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  • The Infinium™ Space Pen writes far longer than the standard Space Pen, which writes three times longer than an ordinary ballpoint pen. The Infinium Space Pen will write so long in fact, that the average user won’t run out of ink in their lifetime.

    This Fisher Executive Pen offers the heft and feel that today's office warrior demands! Whether working in an office, or outside, the INFINIUM  provides style and comfort both in writing and presentation. As with all Fisher Space Pens, it offers extreme quality and durability on which you can always rely. Fisher Space Pen, write anywhere, anytime, always. That's not a promise, that's a fact! 

    This Infinium Space Pen has a reflective Black Titanium finish.

    All space pens come with a special pressurized refill that allows the pen to write at any angle, underwater, over grease and in extreme temperatures. With up to 3 times more ink than the average pen, it's ready to handle whatever your day may bring.

    The original Bullet pen was created in 1948 by Fisher and has gone on to become a style icon.

    In the early 60’s Paul C Fisher was approached by NASA to create a pen that would work in outer space and in zero gravity. After initially believing it could not be done, Fisher had a dream and began working on the first pressurized refill. In 1965 after years of testing Fisher had realised his dream by creating a pen that could write at any angle, underwater, over grease and in extreme temperatures. Fisher Space Pens have been on every manned space mission since, including the famous Apollo 11 moon landing (with the AG-7 Model).

    That same refill can now be found in all designs of Space Pens including the Bullet. Often imitated but never duplicated, the Fisher Bullet Space Pen continues to be one of the most popular pens around. 

  • The Fisher Space Pen is a durable pen that requires no care. Simply cap the pen or retract the writing point in between use to stop the refill from drying out. 

    To change the refill simply unscrew the barrel and insert the new refill. Refills are available for this pen with either black or blue ink and come with a fine or medium writing point. Each new Fisher Space Pen comes with a black medium point refill inside.

  • Brand Fisher Space Pens
    Type Ballpoint
    Colour Black Titanium
    Body Material Brass
    Finish Black Titanium Nitride