Iroshizuku Ink by Pilot

Syo-ro "Dew on Pine Tree"

  • This ink is a shade of green/blue.

    Syo-ro translates to Dew on pine tree. It is described as a "green shade similar to a dewdrop reflecting pine needles".

    The Iroshizuku line from Pilot are some of the finest inks in the world. The beauty and quality of these Japanese inks is truly incredible. The luxurious glass bottle features a dip in the bottom to ensure you get to use every last drop. Each inks name is derived from expressions of Japanese nature.

    Use the colour chart to compare the full range of colours.

  • Filling from a bottle


  • Brand Pilot Iroshizuku
    Type Bottled fountain pen ink
    Colour Green
    Volume 50ml
    Bottle Material Glass
    Ink Type Dye based