030 Brass Clips

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  • This Brass Clip will keep your TRAVELER’S Notebook open. Made in a factory in the old downtown area of Tokyo, this clip’s materials, size, design and spring strength are especially created for use with TRAVELER’S notebook. When taking your TRAVELER’S notebook on the go, attach it to the leather cover or a refill so it’s ready to use when you want to write or take a picture. There’s also a hole in the back that you can use to hang it on a wall and use your notebook for decoration. Because it’s made of solid brass, its colour will mature and change the more you use it!

  • Traveler's Company's love for their Brass products is evident, and as they put it:

    "BRASS changes its colour and texture as you use it, and every single BRASS item changes differently depending on the user and his/her environment. This is something unique to and wonderful about brass. As the copper within the brass oxidises, your brass item might develop some verdigris, a kind of rust. Take it easy, since it does no harm to you. If you want the original gloss of the brass back, just try polishing the item with metal polish. Enjoy and cherish the highly nuanced colour hue and texture only brass can give you."

  • Brand Traveler's Company Japan
    Type Brass Clip
    Size of Clip H44 x W44 x D20mm
    Size of Package H107 x W47 x D23mm
    Quantity Per Pack  1